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The death sentence... the single most barbaric thing that human beings still do to one another. No matter what reason, country, race or religion. It shows us as the animals we are.

UPDATE: Congratulations, another eight dead human beings and of course, the finishing touch: "...after the executions, prayers were said for each person according to their respective religion." The continuing triumph of limbic over neocortex. We're so smart.

More Guatemala

A very interesting Spanish language video.

After spending the morning on this and other reading material re Guat, then considering the way in which the whole corruption scandal is being ignored (almost certainly willfully) by media both inside and outside the country, the one word that keeps floating back to my mind is "tinderbox". More about the video and Dionisio Gutiérrez here.

Consider this post due warning and don't say IKN didn't try to tell you later on. Oh, and enjoy the country's Presidential election year.

Mining code changes in Burkina Faso

Here's an interesting report on the subject. You get the strong sensation that mining companies aren't going to have it as easy now as in the previous corrupt regime.

More junior mining incest: Starcore ( snuggles up Cortez (CUT.v)

These two companies have plenty of directors in common and the smaller one (CUT.v) is out of cash, so we are presented with another consolidation move this morning:
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 28, 2015) - Starcore International Mines Ltd. ("Starcore" or the "Company") (SAM.TO) is pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent with Cortez Gold Corp. ("Cortez") (TSX VENTURE:CUT) (the "LOI") that would see Starcore acquire all of the outstanding securities of CUT in an all-share transaction (the "Transaction") to be completed pursuant to a court approved Plan of Arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia). Under the terms of the planned acquisition, each CUT shareholder would receive three Starcore common shares for every one CUT common share held. 
Cortez owns the Altiplano gold and silver processing plant in Matehuala, Mexico.

Whole thing here. This is the third (count 'em up) M&A move made by recently. Beginning to see any trends appear, kind reader?


First Mining Finance (FF.v) makes a move

And it's on Coastal Gold (COD.v), owner of one of my favourite ticker symbols and a lump of Newfoundland with gold in it.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 27, 2015) - COASTAL GOLD CORP. (TSX VENTURE:COD)(FRANKFURT:CY41) ("Coastal Gold" or the "Corporation") announces that it has received an unsolicited offer (the "FMF Offer") from First Mining Finance Corp. ("FMF") (TSX VENTURE:FF) to acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Coastal Gold (the "Coastal Gold Common Shares") for 0.122 common shares in the capital of FMF for each Coastal Gold Common Share by way of a plan of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) (the "ProposedTransaction").

Whole thing here

COD.v is has a deal in the pipeline with Sulliden Mining Capital ( (don't do deals in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan or Bhartistan) that values it at a ticket price of $4.06m. If we take FF.v's 41c close tonight as the benchmark, this deal values COD.v at nearly 8.5m. That's a big jump.

PS: The interesting thing here is Bill Pearson of COD.v, one of Stan's cronies. Wonder how he's going to explain to the world that an offer double that of SMC's is not as good as Bharti's incestuous relations.

Barrick (ABX) reports its 1q15, IKN has its own angle

"In order to be successful, one must project 
an image of success at all times."
Buddy Kane, American Beauty, 1999

This evening Barrick (ABX) reported its 1q15 and the mining anal yst world is currently poring over all the numbers (fwiw ABX missed by a bit but it's merely a mediocre quarter, not outright bad this time). You're bound to get the results cut and sliced in a dozen different ways over the next 24 hours by every single house imaginable so rather than beat on the same boring cookie-cutter drum, this humble corner of cyberspace has decided to highlight something that was blaringly conspicuous by its absence this time around:

Seems like that nice Buddy Kane John Thornton doesn't like talking about the (white) elephant in the room any more, not like that Mister Jamie did.  Complete mystery as to why that might be.

Guatemala lives in interesting times

This report is a reasonable English language round-up of the weekend in Guatemala, as thousands of people demanded the resgination of the country's President and Veep. Those of you exposed to Guat pol risk should be on this issue.

Gold and the FOMC: start the dance

A very interesting start to the week. Dollar flat, oil flat and gold...

...doing this. Miners leading the metal, too. That's not supposed to happen before Janet & Co pronounce.

And now for your aural entertainment, IKN presents No Good (Start The Dance) by The Prodigy.