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The bit I most like about the Pretium Resources (PVG) NR...

...the the verb they use in the headline:

Pretium Resources Inc.: Valley of the Kings Infill Drilling Concludes With More High-Grade Gold Mineralization


As in "finished".
As in "we don't need any more infill drilling at VOK any more".
As in "because we understand everything about the deposit now".

Bless em.


Peru presidential election: Still hope for PPK

Latest things:

1) PPK had a much better debate last night against Keiko than he did the weekend before last. It's up to the individual to decide who won it, I thought it was a basic tie, but the fact that PPK at least held his own (and according to his supporters won it) is more important. He looked the part last night.

2) Lefty first round candidate Veronika Mendoza, who came third and originally said she wouldn't give advice on who to vote for, has this morning changed her position and called on here supporters to vote for PPK in order to stop Keiko. This could add a point or two to PPK's percentages in the vote this Sunday coming.

So although Keiko has been ahead in all polls recently those looking for a PPK comeback have some hope on the horizon now.

Chart of the day is...

Only to mark the fact that somebody, somewhere last night managed to buy some for undr U$1,200/oz. I'd venture to say they're very happy about the trade, too.


The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Keith Neumeyer is Inspector Gadget", the only problem with Keith is that he's too easy a target. No challenge these days.

Second Place: "Joe Mazumdar and his underling do MIF", because you like videos.

First Place: "Goodbye, Eco Oro (", about the Colombia Constitutional Court news last week

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN368 has just been sent to subscribers. Think zinc.

Peru Presidential election polling: Trend to Keiko

With the last set of voter intention polls now out, including one today from IPSOS that puts Keiko Fujimori five and a half points ahead of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski with just a week to go before the June 5th run-off vote, here's how the pollster readings have altered since the end of round one:

No doubt the trend is towards Keiko and from the second-rank data you get from all these polling results, the key aspect seems to be that undecided voters who have made up their mind are opting for Keiko over PPK. Keiko is now in a non-technical-dead-heat lead, however the cut-down Y-axis in the above chart makes the gap look bigger to the eye than it is, the lead is small and PPK still has a shot at convincing people he's the best choice in tonight's (Sunday) live TV debate. Yes Keiko has to be called favourite for the big prize from here, with polls indicating a 53/47 or 52/48 win (once the non-valid votes are discounted) but PPK isn't out of it yet.


CR7 scores the winning goal... the 2016 Champions League final. Via the last penalty of the shoot-out after doing precisely nothing all match, thereby stealing all the glory.

Because it's healthy on occasion to be reminded that life is unfair. Back to work.

For your weekend viewing pleasure: Flin Flon Flim Flam

Here's the header of this news release:
Arizona investigative journalist John Dougherty will begin a 10-city Canadian tour on May 24 at the Royal Theatre in Toronto to screen his documentary “Flin Flon Flim Flam” on the worldwide operations of Hudbay Minerals, Inc.

And here's the documentary itself, no need to be in one of those ten cities in the next few weeks, IKN got your back. Alan Hair should watch it, he may learn a little more about his own company.

Youtube link here. My thanks to reader 'AB' for the heads up. I watched this last night and the Constancia bit was a fair representation of what's going on (and by the way, the five truck crashes he mentions are now eight, after three more in 2016). Also the Flin Flon Manitoba pollution angle is impressive (but not in a good way for HBM).


The Friday OT: John Butler Trio; Ocean

I heard it for the first time last night, when friend PK sent the link over. And I was blown away. I'm new to John Butler but you don't need to be a long-standing fan to know this is high quality stuff.

Drop everything, listen to this.

UPDATE: Reader 'MB' adds thoughts:
 I am not a subscriber, but receive your email postings each day.

Listened to your recommendation, John Butler Ocean today. You have
previously recommended music and I must admit that our tastes seem to
differ (greatly, it seemed). But 'Ocean' I absolutely love.

Thanks, MB.

In The IKN Weekly this Sunday...

...we take a look at the Tinka Resources (TK.v) resource update of Wednesday and explain why it's better than the market reaction (better said non-reaction) would have you believe, why nobody noticed and why I like it that way. Other things too of course, just like always, but that teaser for IKN368 will do for a start.

Nevada Copper ( and the smell of mothballs

The long NR out of Nevada Copper this morning is the sound of Red Kite emitting a loud, eye-rolling sigh the way long-suffering fathers put up with errant, repeat-offending sons and daughters. They know what their offspring is doing is wrong, they know there's little hope, but they also know that they are more than a little to blame for the mess created. So Red Kite don't foreclose on Guy Prettyface and throw them a few beans in order to keep the thing in order. For a price, of course.

We're now one year on from the feasiblity study at Pumpkin Hollow. At the time of its publication NCU was a $1.90 stock and this humble corner of cyberspace put it as clearly as possible, "No amount of hype can save a marginal project". Or this post on the day of the FS publication that noted how it used U$2.85/lb copper as its "low case" to get a 10.4% IRR. How how we laughed. That's the bottom line and it's taken a year for Red Kite to join the chorus. All they can do now is keep a skeleton staff at the site (yup Yerington folks, there are layoffs on the way) and light a candle to the Market Gods in hope for $3/lb copper...$3.50/lb in fact.


Joe Mazumdar and his underling do MIF

Mining expert Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights (aka Blackbeard) gave this presentation at the recent Metals Investment Forum:

And the hanger-on at Exploration Insights, Whitebeard, did this presentation at the same gig:

These are pretty good talks. Thanks due to mailpal Claudio for the heads up.