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On the road

Outta here til late Wednesday. Be as good as Paco plays until I get back.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN315 has just been sent to subscribers. A crappy edition, I wouldn't bother if I were you.

While searching for something else*...

...your humble scribe noted today this report, which states that watching movies in 3D improves short-term cognitive skills activity in one's brain. And then in another place this report, also dated this fine Sunday, which quotes a recent study as saying that over-exposure to sexually explicit material such as pornography can reduce brain activity. Therefore IKN has heartfelt advice for its esteemed readership: If you're going to watch porn, make it in 3D.

*Completely unrelated to pornography, I might add. This is a family show

Take a guess as to the number of junior mining companies exhibiting at Canadian Investor Conference Vancouver 2015

I was sent the link over this morning to the Cambridge House Canadian Investor Conference Vancouver 2015 website and after snooping around for a few minutes, this is the page that best tells you how the juniors are doing

There are 22 listed junior mining companies exhibiting at this year's conference in Vancouver. Twenty-two.

PS: I've just checked on the 2014 show's site. There were 68 listed junior mining companies at the same gig in 2014. And hey, that was a poor turnout (or so we thought at the time). Anyway, for those of you going to the 2015 show...




I really like this Screwtape Files post, "Worldwide Turmoil, Financial Upheaval and Cataclysm"  (aka WTFUC).

Something that's held up really well is...

...IKN's call on Argentina's bond default back in July 2014 (somebody reminded me about the post today and I just re-read it). When the whole issue was hot we asked "who cares?", we answered "very few people outside of the vulture funds", we explained why. Here we are nigh on a year later and surprise surprise, nobody cares whether Argentina's in default or not. The link is here, the essence is in the wrap-up:

"The bottom line here is that Argentina doesn't need to pay and it can fall into default, because 1) the consequences for the country are much better than the chain reaction that it might (repeat might, lot of discussion over RUFO right now) set off if it pays and 2) the consequences for the country really aren't that bad even compared to a neutral position. 
"...this is at least part of the point I alluded to a couple of days ago in this post, the bit about the difference between the law and justice. Yes for sure the law says that Argentina defaults and it's in the wrong, but only according to the eyes of the law, which in this case is personified by a dusty idiot of a biased judge in New York who should have been put out to grass a decade ago and is showing signs of Alzheimer's. Therefore Argentina can and indeed will ignore this book-driven law and bide its time until the real terms of agreement are struck and that will only happen via true justice, a far more powerful thing than a mere law."

whole thing here

Ireland offers the world a lesson in equality

Voted, too. By referendum and democratic majority, too. A landslide result, too. In a country deemed to be deeply Catholic, too. No matter what age, gender, sexuality, skin colour, financial wealth, physical health, education, location or any other matter that authorities and dogma might want to impose on humans in order to separate and categorize us, we're all equal.

A standing ovation for Ireland today, the country that truly understands equality.

The most visited IKN post this week is...

...this one, "Insider selling at Hudbay (HBM) (".

It was the most popular by a long way, too. To repeat the refrain, if I could be bothered to write on more widely held, larger market cap and altogether bigger companies and stocks, this blog would get a lot more hits and visitors. But I don't. Because I can't. And it doesn't. Which is fine.