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Regarding the need to combat anti-mining propaganda bullshit (from IKN376)

Here's a small part of IKN376 out last night, one of the minor pieces in the 'Regional Politics' section but it's also the type of thing that I think needs more eyes on it and more attention devoted by the mining industry, in order to demonstrate to the ublic at large that the treehugger end of the debate are just as likely to use BS in order to influence public opinion. So here you go:


Mexico: Anti-mining propaganda

This is the type of thing that drives me up the wall, not just because of its misinformation content but also because the mining industry never makes a concerted effort of rebuttal against the  NGOs and knee-jerk treehuggers peddling this crap. Last week in Mexico, during a presentation by a group of anti-mining NGOs for a (13) “Manual for the defence of communities against the impact of mining in Mexico” (in other words, an instruction book on how to stop mining companies in your community), one of the presenters, a lawyer from Greenpeace, said the following (translation of direct quote):

“At the end of 2014 a total of 25,267 mining concessions were registered (in Mexico) which, according to the Mexican Geological Service, cover a concessioned surface area of nearly 26 million hectares. This represents around 12.7% of the national territory”.

And how was this anti-mine coordination meeting reported by the press? Here are (translated) four examples of the headlines (and there were many more, play with Google and find out for yourself) (14) (15) (16) (17):

“NGOs: 12.7% Of Mexico’s Terrain Is Concessioned to Mining Companies”

“Mining Companies Consume Mexico: They Already Have 12% of the Territory”

“Mexican Mining Companies Already Have As Much Terrain (12%) As The Country’s Nature Reserves”

“Mining Companies Awarded 12.7% of the Nation’s Land”

Of those four only the first one is in any way accurate, the others use inflammatory language and are deliberately trying to create the false impression that mining companies “own” 12.7% of Mexico. As you and I know (or you damned well should by now) the reality is nothing of the sort and owning a mining concession is a million miles from “owning” the land. So why doesn’t the mining industry tackle this head on, because it’s both a way into teaching a wider audience about how it works and a way to show them the BS they’re being fed by the anti-mining industry? It would be simple stuff too:

1)      Explain what a concession is

2)      Explain how you get one and what you need to do to keep one

3)      Most importantly, explain why a mining company will own concessions that are much MUCH larger than the mine therein contained. This last point is the one that’s most played upon by the anti-mining screechers and it just by doing this, your average person would see the hypocrisy in the Greenpeace propaganda.

And of course it isn’t just a tactic used in Mexico, I come across this “Mining owns X% of my country! How dare they!” argument all the time, with variants such as “Mining Company XYZ owns a concession that includes a graveyard! They’re going to dig up my relatives!” and all sorts of others. The world of mining is hardly perfect and there are still some companies that give it a bad name, but it’s long past the time that the good guys need to be painted as some sort of gang of land-rapists and property usurpers.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN376 has just been sent to subscribers.Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream. It is not dying, it is not dying.

A download link for the Clinton Cash video (and an alternate Youtube, too)

The 'Clinton Cash' youtube and link we stuck on the blog last night has been scrubbed, I hear. Does Frank Giustra have shares in Google or something? He sure comes out looking grubby and shady in the documentary, that's for sure.

Anyway, you can still watch Clinton Cash by downloading it from this link. Worth your time, I know it's a hit piece that cherry-picks its data and hardly the most balanced piece of documentary making ever created, but it's done very well and when it comes to the Clintons, there are plenty of cherries to pick.

UPDATE: It's also on a Youtube here. Though you never know, this one may be scrubbed soon too.


Clinton Cash

A Breitbart hitpiece movie on Hillary, released today and nicely timed for the DEM conference of course, but interesting because it features Frank Guistra, Lukas Lundin, Ian Telfer, Frank Holmes and others. But lots of Frank Guistra.

This video is unlikely to be featured on Youtube here

UPDATE: Apparently the Clinton Cash video link doesn't work any more. You can still watch it from this download link, though

UPDATE 2: If that one doesn't work, try this one. It does.

Daniel Ameduri's paychecks

Thanks to reader MB for the heads up on this, the disclosure section of the latest promotional pump bullshit from Daniel Ameduri and his pumphouse, Future Money Trends. You'll find it in tiny tiny lettering in light blue ink at the bottom, but when you take a good look at the contents it's pretty impressive stuff. 

To give you an idea, just the cash dollars add up to U$1.467m, that's aside from the warrants, options, shares and other derivatives. Here are some of the highlights on the cash he makes from promoting these worthless pieces of crap to idiot greenhorns:


Future Money Trends LLC has been compensated one hundred and seventy thousand dollars for a one week marketing program, paid for by K92 Mining.

We were previously compensated one hundred and seventy thousand for a two week program that has since expired. We have also been compensated one hundred and forty five thousand options by the company for a six month video advertisement campaign.

We are also actively marketing First Majestic Silver, and received twenty five thousand options and up to eighteen thousand dollars.

We are also actively marketing First Mining Finance, and have received six hundred thousand options, and and up to one hundred and seven thousand dollars.

We are also actively marketing Nevada Exploration, and have received one hundred thousand options, and and up to two hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars.

We are also actively marketing Golden Arrow Resources, and have been compensated one hundred and eighty one thousand dollars.

We have previously been compensated by Brazil Resources, Auryn Resources, and MX Gold Corp., including fifty thousand options from Brazil Resources and one hundred thousand options from MX Gold Corp.

We own shares on both the public market and via warrants received through private placements in First Mining Finance, First Majestic Silver, K92 Mining, Golden Arrow Resources, MX Gold Corp., and Brazil Resources.

Gold Standard Media (GSM) is currently marketing Brazil Resources, GSM is a media company with the same members as FMT. We have received up to one hundred thousand dollars for our current program paid for by the company.

GSM is currently marketing K92 Mining,  we have received two hundred thousand dollars for our current program paid for by the company.

GSM is currently marketing First Mining Finance  we have received one hundred and sixty thousand dollars for our current program paid for by the company.

Wealth Research Group (WRG) is currently marketing K92 Mining, FMT has a majority ownership in WRG. WRG has been compensated forty thousand dollars for a two day investor awareness campaign.

WRG has been compensated by First Mining Finance forty thousand dollars for a two day investor awareness campaign.

FMT and its management may benefit from any increase in the share price of the profiled companies and hold the right to sell the shares bought at any given time including shortly after the release of the companies profile. When it comes to buying or selling shares.  Please assume we are buying and/or selling before, during and/or after publication of the discussed Company.  FMT will not advise as to when it decides to buy or sell and does not and will not offer any opinion as to when others should sell; each investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market.

But to give Ameduri credit, he saves the best line until right at the very end of his mailer.

 "Never base any decision off of our website or emails."

On that I can only agree.

UPDATE: Reader C sends in some visual commentary on the contents of this post:

Notice how words are superfluous sometimes? Nicely done, C.

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "A message to the Athabasca Basin juniors". Because the best jokes are based on truths.

Second Place: "Regarding morale at Kirkland Lake Gold ( head office". Because you like the catty gossip posts.

First Place: "Agnico Eagle (AEM) and another armed robbery of gold". I'm pretty sure we weren't the first to report this in English, as  there was a wire story going round as soon as the news hit in Mexico in Spanish. But we were one of the first, IKN added the detail about the injured security guard before anyone else in English and the post was way ahead of the standard media channels in Canada (G&M, FP etc). That's why it got the most hits.


In The IKN Weekly on Sunday...

...the main event will be a look at Atico Mining (ATY.V). Because it's about time.

The Friday OT: Johannes Brahms; Violin Concerto in D major, Op.77, Sayaka Shoji

A sublime version:

The famous bit that you hear in other places, adverts, movies etc is the second movement adagio. And she nails it, but even before then watch and listen to the way she takes over the whole show at 3:00. So hit play and listen.

Chart of the day is...

...the gold/silver ratio, five years:

Two options:

1) This time it's different.
2) We're going to see 70X again. After that, we'll see whether the last couple of months are a real trend change or not.

As silver stocks have been extremely over-priced, if you're interested in taking a position in any given name, you're probably better off waiting a month while sentiment blows off. Or you may want to do the more sensible thing and buy gold exposure instead.

Gold Reserve (GRZ.v): How much trading halt?

Gold Reserve (GRZ.v), that thing with the Venezuela property and the International Arbitration award, went on an IIROC trading halt on Monday and is still halted. Word from the company is that "they're working on a news release" though one has to wonder whether the person writing it needs to learn the English language first.

Fun fact: Long halts are rarely good news.


Guatemala: Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Escobal mining permits are under threat

Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( has a problem.

First, the anti-mining anti-mining legal pressure group CALAS managed to use the Guatemala courtrooms to close down the El Tambor/La Puya mine owned by KCA. Now it's after Tahoe Resources ( (TAHO) and its Escobal mine. This week CALAS submitted a formal petition to demand the immediate revocation of the Escobal mining permits (along with those of another mine, Sechol) to the country's Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) because it says that its permits were illegally granted during the previous government of Otto Pérez Molina (who is now in jail due to the "La Linea" corruption scandal). It works like this:
  • According to CALAS (translated), "Under article 50 of the Mining Law, the Ministry of Energy and Mines has the obligation to declare non-substantial any right of mining operation (i.e. permit) when it has been granted without fulfilling the established requirements in the Mining Law and its regulations".
  • Therefore yesterday CALAS submitted its formal demand to revoke the Sechol and Escobal mining licences. In this report in Guatemala's national daily 'La Hora', its legal representative Rafael Maldonado said (translated), "With immediate effect, during the next month, we ask that the mining operations are halted", and he added that if they weren't shut down CALAS will take legal action against the Minister of Energy and Mining. Using a legal action against the minister in question is, for what it's worth, the same strategy CALAS used in March 2016 to get the MEM to first suspend and finally annul the El Tambor/La Puya mining permits.

Escobal is of course the same mine where an employee was killed in a workplace accident in November, but instead of admitting the fatality TAHO decided to bury the story and not mention it to anyone anywhere.

The latest from Porter Stansberry

As part of his ongoing quest to bully IKN into submission, the filing made by proven securities fraudster Porter Stansberry's lawyers on July 18th makes for really interesting reading. I won't bore you with it all, but here 's a screenshot of the last page of the PDF copy:

It would seem poor little Porter has had his feelings all hurty wurty.